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I have been in your shoes.


As a record-breaking, high-performing sales executive and team leader, I know what it takes to go above and beyond the finish line while inspiring others to do the same.


I also understand how self-limiting beliefs or low-energy tactics can sabotage one's success.

That's why I developed The Quantum Breakthrough for Leaders and Teams -- a unique process that pulls from various thought-leader philosophies, energy-healing modalities and the Quantum Leap Method.


This exclusive program is designed for:

  • c-suite executives

  • managers

  • professionals

  • teams


Individuals and teams will experience a rapid transformation as they achieve:

  • goals

  • financial success

  • freedom from imprinted experiences

  • new beliefs and emotions that are empowering and motivating

  • purpose and clarity about the future

  • self-worth


The Quantum Breakthrough for Leaders and Teams

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