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Strategic Coaching

NLP , Neuro Linguistic Programming is used for Personal Development and uses perceptual behavior and communication techniques to make it easier for to change their thoughts and actions to help individuals achieve desired goals and dreams manifest to reality.  NLP relies on language processing to detect and modify unconscious limitations of an individuals map of the world.  Promotes skills such as self reflection, confidence and communication. It is used for overcoming traumas, anxiety and PTSD. 

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Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature-which is described as peace,happiness and bliss. Using Mindfulness and other types of meditation is learning how to be in the present moment! It starts with the breath and your practice will evolve from there. The meditation I teach connects you to the essence of your being of who you are. It is a cleansing that is a proven method to transform human awareness that promotes a moral, united, and integrated balanced self.

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REIKI Energy Medicine

A very gentle yet powerful healing technique. It relieves stress and anxiety while balancing your energy and awakening your ability to heal, revive and realign on all levels. I am a channel for pure divine healing energy and it allows for the purification of the emotional, physical, and spiritual body. The benefits of the pure healing energy are relieving stress, past conditioning and discomfort to deep relaxation and joy! A powerful and trans-formative shift in releasing emotions and pain to restore inner peace, happiness and freedom to move forward!

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