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Jessica's strength and devotion to healing has physically, emotionally and mentally transformed our energy By her process of integrative therapy of letting go of the past my husband and I can now interact with each other and the world in a more positive energy induced lifestyle. We have a new light that guides us to awareness of the possibilities in life.  


Years of cording can build up in a person’s lifetime and be carried over; by cutting these attachments you can allow your soul to be free and balanced. Letting go of the past is a wonderful blessing.


Trust in Jessica and her God given abilities to heal and teach you to be the person that God intended you to be.

Annette & Dennis Bauman, Palm Coast, FL


I have to begin by saying, I'm a catholic girl, born and raised to believe in God as the higher power. I am glad that Jessica is a very spiritual person because she hits a cord within me. I was going thru a divorce at the time, and my life was upside down. Feeling guilty, ashamed and wanting to burst thru barriers I knew I had, but had no idea how to get thru those barriers to the other side of who I wanted to be. I was scared, feeling guilty, and depressed about my life. She suggested a few things, but her process of letting go of the past that stood out the most. I felt a shift like something was moved away from me. The guilt I was carrying was lifted, I could see that there is a way to be happy again. I don't exactly know what happened, but the baggage I was carrying was lessened, and I felt more free. And it's gotten better as time has gone on. I feel happy, whole.

Jennifer K. RN, Fairfield, CT

After each session with Jessica, I experienced stress reduction, feeling lighter, and more centered with myself. Jessica answered my questions about Reiki, Energy Healing and coaching that I was experiencing in each session. She is a holistic specialist who not only listens, but encourages you to learn more about ways to improve your inner self.

Saadia Rafiq MA, Assistant Dean of College of Arts and Sciences

Her life coaching and therapeutic work has been life changing and a very powerful resource for me. Her work stays with me long after our sessions. The benefits of her Reiki work provide a deep sense of calm and positivity that I can apply to my personal goals. I trust Jessica as a Reiki practitioner and life coachand highly recommend her if you want positive change and the insight on how to achieve it.

Siobhan McKinley

Business Owner, Ridgefield, CT

recently attended an employee appreciation day at a massage clinic where Jessica was hired to give a talk and lead us in meditation. 

She shared knowledge and her own experience of the transformative benefits of a daily practice, and then guided us into a wonderful meditation.

I since booked customized sessions with Jessica which integrated coaching, meditation, energy work, and reiki on the massage table. Jessica is a healer and a light onto this world. Come into her presence and you will be uplifted. She definitely raised my frequency!"

Thomas Murphy

Massage Therapist, Litchfield, CT

I met Jessica at a very vulnerable time of my life. It’d been almost two years since my dad and brother passed away in the same month. With such a traumatic loss, I felt lost, confused and most of all scared. I had barely graduated high school at the time and didn’t know what to do with myself. My father and brother were like idols to me. Nonetheless, I put on a brave face and continued on with my life, hoping I’d just forget that it ever happened like it was all just a bad dream.


I saw a physician to get help, however, he wanted to prescribe me pills to help treat my depression and stress. I refused, as I always had faith in a holistic approach to life’s ailments. That's when I met Jessica and began a treatment program with her. Within a few weeks, I was on my way to fully rehabilitating my trauma. Thanks Jessica!

Azzum Naeem

College Student, Southport, CT

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