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is an Advanced Transformation Mentor, a Master NLP Practitioner and an Emotional Intelligence Expert based in Connecticut and Florida. She leads with the Quantum Leap Method to help individuals and teams to remove blocks, like self-doubt and fear, so that they may thrive in every goal they set out to achieve.

Her clients include Account Executives, Photographers, Marketing Teams,
Working Moms, Fortune 500 CEOs and
Spiritual Seekers.

Jessica is the recipient of over 100 prestigious awards in sales and she is a Reiki Master, Meditation Guide, Hypnotherapist and trained in the globally-recognized Quantum Leap Method.

Her dream is to expand her coaching

practice to provide wellness retreats and workshops for individuals and teams to live the life they were meant to live.

Jessica Aniela

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I am an award-winning, high-achiever with an unbeatable track record in reaching and surpassing all sales goals set upon me. I’m also a lifelong study of human behavior, our belief system, and the small shifts that lead to expanding possibilities.


As a Advanced Transformation Mentor, I provide a peaceful and sacred space to help my clients heal from what’s holding them back and set up a winning “believe and achieve” strategy to be happy, enriched, enlightened, and prosperous.


Individuals and teams experience my unique healing methods to awaken their:

inner greatness


and their ability to envision and create dreams into reality

If this resonates with you, let’s talk further through a free consultation.

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