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Aligning you to create your dreams of tomorrow, today.

Many people think they cannot change their story or situation.

Nothing is further from the truth.

When you apply the law of attraction with the science of quantum physics to attract what you want in your life, it will amaze you how easily and quickly things can fall into place.

I am living proof and want to help others achieve their greatness as soon as possible.


​Together, we will identify and remove what you want less of in your life in order to make space for what you want more of.


I believe… every day offers the promise of a new beginning I know with certainty… the magic has already begun, simply because you’ve already completed your first step: visiting my website.

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Meet Jessica:

With certifications in Neuro-linguisitc programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)- and being a Reiki Master and Teacher, Jessica's unique approach to coaching helps her clients quickly realize their incredible potential. 

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Your Prosperity Blueprint
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By performing a full assessment of your current mindset, we are able to identify your connections to old beliefs, patterns, or hidden narratives within yourself that no longer serve you. 

This allows us the opportunity to strategize the winning course of action so that we can begin focusing on your primary goals. 



Once we've connected with your root stories, we can develop a personalized action strategy to neutralize old patterns and align to your goals and powerful opportunities. 

Utilizing the Body Mind Alignment method, we quickly bridge the gap between your body and mind to navigate your path to alignment with money, health, relationships, and success



By building your systems we build long-term solutions for long-term growth. 

Experience alignment with your vision and create the version of yourself you have always dreamed of. 

Reach your unlimited potentional by aligning to the right opportunities

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I have to begin by saying, I'm a catholic girl, born and raised to believe in God as the higher power. I am glad that Jessica is a very spiritual person because she hits a cord within me. I was going thru a divorce at the time, and my life was upside down. Feeling guilty, ashamed and wanting to burst thru barriers I knew I had, but had no idea how to get thru those barriers to the other side of who I wanted to be. I was scared, feeling guilty, and depressed about my life. She suggested a few things, but her process of letting go of the past that stood out the most. I felt a shift like something was moved away from me. The guilt I was carrying was lifted, I could see that there is a way to be happy again. I don't exactly know what happened, but the baggage I was carrying was lessened, and I felt more free. And it's gotten better as time has gone on. I feel happy, whole.

Jennifer K • RN • Fairfield, CT

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Please contact me by phone or email, or complete the form below and I will be in touch within the next 24 hours!

203-307-5122    |

Thank you!
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